K8 to k12


In higher classes, English teaching is designed to help students in their school works and they are provided with specially designed worksheets to increase their proficiency in English. We lay special emphasis on reading and writing skill. So comprehension, Grammar, literature and other weak areas of English are given proper attention. We provide a better arrangement plan for students to gain interest in English and help them earn better grades in their school.


Math in higher classes is taken in an interesting manner. Students are encouraged and motivated in doing the more complex structural math to help them improve in school. Resources and simple techniques are taught to the students, which could benefit them for the rest of their lives. Well-built and planned worksheet and weekly tests help students to gain encouragement in doing more.


It is very necessary to make a well built basic structure in science at this level so that students can face complicated scientific issues in their very high level. We help them to improve their basic and also look after their performance in school. Our exceptionally capable teachers help students to make their science interesting and understandable.