CELBAN Test Preparation Classes

The Guru Learning Institute prepares you for CELBAN Test & provides the most recently updated and maximum study material for listening, reading, writing, and speaking to ensure your desired score in the test. We have already presented excellent results in CELBAN since 2008. We teach you medical vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and all other language skills to meet your goals. We provide you with the abundant material in all modules to pass the test in first chance.
CELBAN is a four-module English assessment test that is required for International nurses in Canada. It is accepted by all licensing bodies all over Canada. It is specially designed in Canada. It is a four-module test in which reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities of a student are accessed individually.

The CELBAN is entirely from the medical background nurses take this test as it requires the test of English for medical report writing, medical vocabulary, and interaction with patients for treatment. All the modules of the test are based on medical topics; therefore it is easier for the nurses.

CELBAN In-Class Preparation

We have a customized program for the CELBAN tests. So, in order to get top results, we have the best study material and top teachers. Our students pass the Celban test at the first attempt. We have the highest pass rate, an average fee, a biweekly mock test, crash courses, and flexible timings of the classes. We give practice sessions and provide our students’ tips to ensure their score and take mock tests from time to time to evaluate their progress.

CELBAN Online preparation:

We have a CELBAN online course in which the students buy a package of the course of his choice at a website of the Guru Learning Institute specially designed for the online students. The students receive a special link and user ID within 8 hours. By signing up they get 24/7 access to the study material in all four modules of the CELBAN listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We give free weekly online classes to our online students and mark their home assignments of our online students who have presented above 90% results. We have students from all over Canada.

Our CELBAN students pass the test in first chance by taking our online course. The whole study material is divided into different packages. We constantly keep updating according to the recent changes and adding new material. Students can take the short course too

Course Schedule:

  • A complete full-time or part-time classes for 4 days a week.
  • Recent test updates.
  • Excellent video online class quality.
  • Two-three sessions running each day.
  • Course notes pdf and flexible timings


Detail CELBAN Study Material:
  • Abundant study material CELBAN online Four-course books on Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
  • 4 complete timed mock- test, Test-taking strategies, common mistakes, tips to pass the test
  • Free grammar book!!!!!
  • Special pronunciation lessons! With recorded vocabulary also!
  • Online TEACHER’S VIRTUAL Class sessions for teaching all modules strategies, pronunciation lessons, Roleplay practice sessions according to the package.Contents: We have abundant material for CELBAN Preparation.
  • 71 listening tests
  • 40 video lessons
  • 31 audio lessons
  • 48 Reading tests
  • 25 reading comprehensions,
  • 10 Patient notes, nursing hospital policies, manuals, and journals with multiple-choice Questions and answer keys.
  • 16 gap-fill with answer key and practice exercises.
  • 36 Writing tests Total;
  • 20 incident reports; 5 solved
  • 14, Letter statements & Letter writing practice with samples
  • Several other related assignments
  • 10 writing journals discussed in detail.
  • 60 Speaking lessons total
  • 12 role-plays; history taking recorded
  • Discharge instructions recorded
  • Nurse to nurse role plays
  • Solved speaking questions of all parts
  • 4 complete Mock test and several question papers;
  • 1 completely solved mock tests with audio and videos.

Why Choose CELBAN Online Course:

  • This Online virtual class gives you a feel of an actual physical classroom where you can:
  • Learn all skills; incident report writing, tips & practice speaking test.
  • Read the content written by the teacher on the board or pdf. At the same time during the class.
  • Ask questions in writing as well as verbal form and solve your individual personal problems.
  • Have better video and voice quality.
  • Our course runs through seven days a week, 24/7 to work with your own pace, flexibility, and time. You will have access to the study material full time and there are weekly online classes free with the study package.
  • A deep understanding of the format of the exam;
  • An intensive improvement and enhancement of all skills and strategies to pass the test;
  • A chance to get one on one speaking practice in an online virtual class;
  • An opportunity to resolve individual student problems;
  • An access to study material all time depending on the package you purchase;
  • A fortuity to develop proper pronunciation of medical vocabulary.