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CELPIP LS (for citizenship) and CELPIP General (for immigration) was officially designed for the Canadian Experience Class. It is completely computer delivered in 2 formats:

1.CELPIP GENERAL: Recognized by CIC for Immigration purposes and as an English proficiency test recognized by ICCRC2.CELPIP GENERAL LS: Recognized by CIC for citizenship purposes



We’re one of the premier organizations to provide coaching classes for the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test. We pay close attention to CELPIP test format, examines trends, and the skills to get a high score on the CELPIP test. We always try to help our students with what exactly what they’re looking for.


We have prepared our own the best study material on top of the online material available. We provide a separate computer to each student. This detailed research and analysis have allowed us to successfully prepare our students for the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test, helping them to achieve the marks they need. To help deliver the content to you, we have a fantastic team of experts who all have BC teaching licenses and have a lot of CELPIP teaching experience. With their help, you’ll learn to overcome all the fears you have before the test.


We motivate our students and take a weekly mock test to make them confident and positive. We have tips and tricks for all speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You can get help across all 4 sections or just choose the ones you feel you need help with. This class is designed separately for students with a basic, average, or advanced level of English. Extra study materials are provided to the candidates who are hoping to get additional points for their immigration application through the language test.

Why Guru Learning is the best for CELPIP?


We cover the subject matter, the content most likely to be on the test. We prepare our students by giving a general overview of the subject matter that will be on the test will help get students ready to succeed. Our teachers can do a few sessions of review to cover the basic concepts on the test. Thereafter, we have a special session dedicated to teaching the critical reading part of the test. This can enhance the regular classroom material and make students more prepared for the test.


Prepare students by educating them on the format of the test. No student can be successful unless they know the test format properly. Understanding the format can help students grasp the “lay of the land” and know what to expect on the test. Knowing how many sections there are to the test, what type of questions will be asked in each section and how those sections are weighed can help students make critical decisions on where to spend their time during the test.


Provide Online practice tests so that students become comfortable with the test-taking and have first-hand test experience. Practice tests can help familiarize students with the format of the test. Even students who are good traditional test-takers need to get acquainted with the practice tests. It is a regular part of the curriculum leading up to the actual test timing because they reduce stress and make students more confident about the test.


Offer helpful test-taking advice. Prepping for the test is more than reviewing the material and understanding the format, organizing their self-study plan and know their weak points. There are other factors that go into test-taking – like getting a good night’s sleep, taking the right supplies, and knowing which sections to focus on. Test-taking advice should be a regular part of every test preparation.


Connect in-class material with online test prep. Material. One of the things that make students so nervous about the CELPIP test is that they think the test will be covering knowledge that they don’t have. While both tests have unique question formats and may cover some advanced vocabulary or other test concepts, a lot of what is tested is already being covered in the classroom. By relating classroom work, students begin to see that they are capable of scoring well. We provide some handouts and give assignments to our students to have maximum practice. Moreover, we have small-sized classes for individual attention, flexible timings, and updated study material.