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Gain Mastery over IELTS Writing Skills:

One of the key aspects to get a higher score in IELTS Writing is to use transitional and linking words to connect your ideas logically. To make your essay impressive and to connect ideas skillfully, use of linking words is required. However, it is important to learn the proper technique to use such words without overusing them.

See below the list of linking words that can be used various purposes:

Words for presenting your opinion:

In my opinion,

From my perspective,

According to me,

I am personally in favour of …./ I do not support the idea of …..

It seems to me that …….

Words to add new ideas:

Firstly, / Foremost reason to support …. is …….

Another considerable point is…………

Besides this,

Apart from this,

Additionally, / In addition,


Words to add contrasting ideas:

On the other hand,

On the flip side,

In contrast,


On the contrary,

Words to give examples:

For example,

For instance,

To illustrate,

Words to present the result:

As a result,


Words to present the effects:




Words to conclude:

To conclude,

To summarize,

In conclusion,

Here is an example of a Body Paragraph of IELTS Essay that reflects the correct use of linking words to develop a cohesive response:

Firstly, the entertainers’ income does not reflect the work they do. For example, sport stars such as Tiger Woods play golf and gets paid a vast amount of money for playing the game. It is true that he entertains spectators with his skills. However, many people who are also good at golf spend money for playing for business purposes and they are certainly not paid for doing this. Therefore, entertainers receive exorbitant amount for their job. Secondly, entertainers’ income is noticeably different compared to the workers of other industries. For instance, a top star movie like Angelina Jolie can easily make one million dollars by participating in a single film. This number may never be reached by many people during their life no matter how hard working they are. Hence, the money received by entertainers is way too much.