CELPIP LS (for citizenship) and CELPIP General (for immigration) is officially designed for the Canadian Experience Class. It is entirely computer delivered in 2 formats:

  1. CELPIP GENERAL: Recognized by CIC for Immigration purposes and as an English proficiency test recognized by ICCRC
  2. CELPIP GENERAL LS: Recognized by CIC for citizenship purposes

We are one of the leading companies that provide CELPIP English Language Proficiency exam coaching sessions. We pay great attention to the CELPIP test structure, trends, and abilities required to achieve a high score on the CELPIP examination. We constantly attempt to provide our pupils with precisely what they need. 

To build confidence and optimism in our pupils, we stimulate them and give them a weekly mock test. We also provide advice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You can obtain assistance in any of the four parts, or you can pick and choose which ones need it the most. This course is meant for students who have a basic, moderate, or advanced level of English. Candidates wishing to get extra points for their immigration application through the language test are given additional study materials.

Why Guru Learning is the best for CELPIP?

We cover the subject matter, the most likely content on the test. We prepare our students by giving a general overview of the subject matter on the test will help get students ready to succeed. Then, our teachers can do a few review sessions to cover the basic concepts on the test. After that, we have a special session dedicated to teaching the critical reading part of the test. This can enhance the regular classroom material and prepare students for the test. We go through the topic matter, which is likely to be on the test. First, we prepare our students by providing a basic overview of the subject matter in the test, which will help them succeed.

Provide helpful test-taking suggestions. Preparing for the test entails studying the information and comprehending the structure, designing their self-study schedule and identifying their weak spots. Other considerations for test-taking include having a good night’s sleep, bringing the necessary resources, and understanding which portions to concentrate on. Every exam preparation should consist of test-taking guidance. 

Connect in-class learning to online exam preparation material. One of the reasons students are concerned about the CELPIP exam is that they believe it will cover knowledge they do not possess. While each exam has its own set of questions and may cover some advanced vocabulary or other test concepts, much of what is assessed is previously taught in the classroom. As a result, students recognize that they can do well by associating classroom work. To maximize practice, we provide handouts and assign homework to our pupils. Furthermore, we provide small sessions for personalized attention, flexible scheduling, and up-to-date study material.

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